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Tips + Tools + Quotes to break into UX Design

February 01, 2017|

Marketing, Technology, Education

| 03:06 PM

9 Tips for breaking into UX Design with Robert Mion

  1. Become a polymath.

  2. Every part of an experience must be thoughtfully considered. Designers therefore must listen to, ask questions of, and become champions for each line of business to have the best chance for success.

  3. Join existing communities.

  4. Seek to listen and learn, not to sell. Join mailing lists and attend meet-ups.

  5. Play more games. You’d be surprised how similar game design and application/website design truly is.

  6. Start asking ‘why’ a lot more.

  7. Consider everything. Be skeptical. Be open-minded. Think about why something exists, who it was made for, what value it may add to a person’s life, and why everything about it is the way it is.

  8. Share your failures and successes.

  9. Prototype, publish, share and contribute. Whatever you don’t put in the world is as good as useless. The world needs more good ideas for solving real problems.


10 Tools Robert uses as a UX Designer

Eyes (If you see something, say something)
Vocal chords (think out loud)
Pen and paper
Markers and sketchpad
Post-it notes
Microsoft Office
Social Media (twitter, medium)
Text Editor

 4 Quotes from Robert on breaking into UX Design

  1. “Avoid the seduction of becoming beholden to any particular design software. Sketch doesn’t output better designs than Illustrator or Photoshop; great designers use one, all and neither.”

  2. “Designers are often thought of as ’the ones with all the ideas’. To the contrary: a designer is someone who gives form to an idea. The hardest part is often deciding what idea is worth giving form to."

  3. “Non-designers think that Designers spend most of their day interacting with computers, often drawing. Bad Designers, maybe. Great Designers spend most of their day interacting with people.”

  4. “Yesterday the craze was apps. Today its things like AI, VR and chatbots. Tomorrow it may be self-driving cars. No matter what, if there’s money to be made from a human successfully using an interface, a Designer will probably be involved.”

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