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June 30, 2014|

Life, Local

| 07:14 AM

The Power of a #Hashtag

June 16, 2014|

Life, Marketing, Professional

| 07:25 AM
Hashtag (#) is a tiny symbol with a lot of power. It's like the espresso shot of social media. Finding the best ways to use it for your company or personal brand can take on a new level of audience participation. As more people incorporate live-tweeting into events and conferences, the more useful hashtags become for connecting your audience. There are also plenty of uses in daily social media posts.

Make LinkedIn Work For You

June 14, 2014|

Life, Marketing, Levo League, Professional

| 06:33 AM

Let's talk LinkedIn.

5 Reasons To Keep Good (Real) People Around

June 08, 2014|

Life, Levo League, Professional

| 07:34 AM

I recently had a great experience hanging out with a group of friends I rarely get to spend time with. We had witty conversation and talked about our lives and careers. After the visit I felt refreshed and energized. Looking back, I think what I enjoyed most was the "realness" in the room. Good people are great to have around. Let's face it, most of our lives and careers are based on relationships - might as well cultivate the best ones you've got! Here's five reasons why I think so.