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Buy Into Your Own Success: 4 Things We Can Learn From Groove

August 25, 2015|

Marketing, Professional

| 04:40 PM

It is often difficult as a company to focus on yourself or "buy into your own success," just as you are focused on your clients. Getting caught up in the day to day can be a distraction from your ultimate goals and success.
I'm here to remind you that working on your business (instead of in it) is like working on yourself.

What is Inbound Marketing?

August 19, 2015|


| 02:33 PM

Imagine you're a violin teacher. You love it. You live to give kids the chance to be creative and grow as musicians. You've got a good amount of students. You're ready to take on more, expand your studio, and give more kids the chance to express themselves through music. A couple parents have helped get the word out about your business through word-of-mouth, but it hasn't really brought many results. You need something like this video created by Basic Cable for Casey Mink to explain how awesome you are at what you do online: