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June 30, 2014 By Caitlin Sellers


Charlotte Douglas Airport recently announced American Airlines is adding another daily international flight to London Heathrowe. That brings our Southern airport two daily flights to London and nearly 40 international destinations.

I have a special place in my suitcase heart for London. I spent time there during college while earning my international certificate in Human Resources from Middlesex University. It’s in this city where I did a lot of reflecting, growing up and ultimately decided that traveling will always be a part of my life.

The new daily flight to London had me thinking about the global accessibility we have living in a place like Charlotte. Whether its catching a plane in the states to San Fransisco, flying across the pond to Barcelona or simply driving a few hours to Asheville - with some savings and a little planning you can blaze a trail anywhere.


This week, millions of Americans will celebrate our country’s Independence. Why not make July 4th a time to think about taking advantage of your own jet-setting freedom. Don’t sit on those plans, book a flight - go, grow and discover.



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Caitlin Sellers

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