Charlotte Challenges Women to #Ask4More

April 23, 2015 By Cassie Hutaff

Local Levo Charlotte facilitated a successful #Ask4More Campaign in 2015. "Levo arms you with tools to develop your talent, build connections with peers, mentors, oppurtunities, and stay inspired day in and day out as we grow and develop. We believe you can create a life you’re passionate about." Learn more about Levo here.


Davidson, NC March 26, 2015: Local Levo Charlotte partnered with Davidson College to provide students with a tailored event to teach students what to expect when negotiating as a recent college graduate and tactful ways to #Ask4More. The result ended up with over 25 students and faculty participated in the #Ask4MoreDavidson conversation.



Charlotte, NC April 14, 2015: The women of Charlotte came together at Sodoma Law on Morehead Street, to discuss the issue of equal pay. Together they gained the confidence to ask for more in their professional and personal lives at the #Ask4More Negotiation workshop. The workshop was held on Equal Pay Day in order to bring more awareness to issues that affects not only Charlotte women but women all over the world.

The #Ask4More Negotiation Workshop was hosted by the Charlotte Chapter of Levo League, an International Professional Women’s Organization. Levo League arms women with tools to develop talent, build connections with peers, mentors, oppurtunities, as well as stay inspired day in and day out as you grow and develop. The organization focuses on teaching women to negotiate in the workplace through local events, social media, and celebrity mentoring and empowering articles located at

The conversation touched on challenges in navigating corporate America. Negotiating in the beginning and throughout your career and paving a stronger, more equal route for women to follow. Participants shared specific examples of challenges and benefits they faced when negotiating for more salary and/or benefits. Many identified they felt as if they were leaving money on the table.

ask4more 2015

“In the introduction of this event, We always say this conversation relies on the audience’s feedback and for participants to share struggles, observations and advice,” mentioned Local Levo Leader, Cassie Hutaff, “because every time we host this workshop, we walk away with more insight based on the experience that was shared by each woman in attendance.”

Equal Pay issues are making the topic of news conversation. Yet, 66% of women report that they don’t know how to ask for more. Levo League has made it their mission locally and internationally to educate women on why and how to negotiate the pay gap.

Charlotte Local Levo Leader, Caitlin Sellers stated, “Understanding how to negotiate is an empowering tool that all women should have in their arsenal. This will help them achieve success in personal and professional life.”

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Resources to #Ask4More:

A Robust #Ask4More campaign on the Levo League website including:

  • Articles Related to Women, Equal Pay Day, the Wage Wap, and more.
  • Sharable Images
  • Videos from influencers such as Chelsea Clinton, Sarah Silverman, and Maxie McCoy
  • Your 2015 #Ask4More Checklist

A Local Levo Charlotte Mentor Michelle Braun, shared her insight on her SuperStar Career blog post: "Negotiate This! What Are You Worth?"

Additional Resources:,,,,


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