Digital Summit Atlanta 2015

May 26, 2015 By Caitlin Sellers


Local Levo Atlanta Leader Jacqueline Twillie and I were co-speakers at the Digital Summit Atlanta Conference. 

Across two days of jam-packed content, over 1,200 attendees (a new record!) came through the Cobb Energy Center, and nearly 60 speakers delivered over 55 sessions.

On Day 2, we chose to speak on Leadership in Action, which seemed to be something many marketers are craving. Heck, many people are craving.

This workshop helped the group achieve a meaningful understanding that leadership extends beyond offices. We dove into personal leadership and looked at the real formulas for success. This workshop was designed to help attendees reclaim their agency and leave with a personalized game plan for personal leadership.


Southeast millenials for Levo League present Leadership in Action Workship for national Digital Summit Conference.

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"My personal leadership began when I hit a breaking point early in my career. After working 80+ hours a week a health scare reminded me that I had to have goals that allowed me to thrive in my personal life which would in turn led to successfully navigating the career jungle. " - Jacqueline Twillie

"My personal leadership began when I recognized my need for flexibility and creativity in the work place. Setting my own schedule became vital to my happiness and success." - Caitlin Sellers 



For those who attended or just plain interested on how to create a personal vision for your leadership: download our Leadership in Action worksheet.


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