April 10, 2016 By Caitlin Sellers


Busy is bullshit. Everyone has stuff going on, obligations to meet, people to spend time with, events to go to, down time to discover. Using busy as an excuse to not be your best self is a cop out. My point is, don't spread yourself too thin. Be intentional. Plan ahead. Take care of yourself before you worry about others.

In this blog post, I am going to touch on a few ways I keep myself productive and accomplishing my goals.


1. Put a time line on your To-Do's. Prioritize your list.

Create a SIMPLE checklist the night before or first thing in the morning to get your day started. This list will help you stay on task throughout day.

Times to be productive. Times to take a break. Oh, and make time for fun, it’s just as important.


I recommend three columns.


The first being things that must be done today. This list should have 5 or less items on it. There is no reason to overwhelm your day with “too many things to do”. This will just raise your anxiety and lessen productivity.


The second column has your “other items” that you’d like to get done but are not as important as the first 5. Again, leave this to 5 or less.


The last column is for fun or anything outside of your “job”. You also deserve to touch on this list daily. It’s all about balance. Throwing in a workout, perhaps coffee with a friend, or even a nap is and will improve productivity. This list you should be able to pull from at any time. Think of your bucket list, ways to relax, ways to unplug, ways to spend time with loved ones, etc.


2. Be intentional with your time. Schedule the day as thoughtfully as possible.

The power of a calendar and staying organized makes life easier and predictable. This helps you and those working with or around you aware of what needs to be done/what to do.

Hold yourself accountable. Stay grounded and focused on your day. Focus on what you’re contributing in order to stay on task and fully give yourself to your work. Make sure the outcome matches your value. Be intentional with your time and space. Make time for yourself, your work, and for others.

To be productive, schedule your time to meet all these needs at the best that you can. There will be days you fall off the wagon, that’s okay. Perfection isn’t human.


3. Take care of your basic needs above all else.

If your body isn't performing at it's best ability, everything else around you will suffer. Take into account your third column of fun and being intentional with your time.

To be your best self, take into account the good, bad, and ugly. We need a full time out from work, friends, family, whatever that may be ever so often... and that’s okay.

Give yourself permission to take a time out.

We live in a never stopping culture, that doesn’t mean it suits us. It is crucial to have proper rest, exercise or activity, nourishing your body with healthy foods, drinking suffificient water... you know the basic necessities.

Mental, emotional, and physical exercise allows us to be the best versions of ourselves. However you seek that out, make it priority to be the best version of yourself.



A friend of mine Maxie McCoy wrote a guest post on Bossedup about 5 Reasons to Become Less Busy, check out what she had to say:

Here’s what I’ve learned about the slow process of becoming less busy:

  1. Busy is bullshit. It’s a cover for not wanting to do the harder work. Like saying no. Or sitting in your shit.
  2. When you slow down you might feel irrelevant. The ego is a crazy thing.
  3. Rushing rips your energy. Don’t do it. Plan ahead.
  4. Say no to others so you can say yes to yourself. Probably the greatest gift of them all.
  5. Dreams don’t happen because you’re busy. They happen because you’re intentional. Because you’ve made space to move the right things forward.

Read the full article by Maxie here. 


Caitlin Sellers

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