Unconventional Fitness

July 12, 2013 By Caitlin Sellers

It is amazing to me how easy it is to fall out of a routine. However, it pains so many to stick to one.

Since I graduated high school, I have had a hard time making working out a priority. Working up to three jobs through (full-time) college, being involved in Greek life and attempting to maintain my relationships, volunteer and have some down time- it was close to impossible to find time to sleep. I couldn't bare to think about going to the gym because I was simply exhausted.

Since graduation, I have sought a number of options to incorporate fitness into my lifestyle. The only ones that seemed to consistently peak my interest has not necessarily been to go to the gym and do what I needed to do, but have been things in a less traditional sense.

A variety of Yoga classes, Hula Hooping, an occasional "Nike Fitness App." on my phone, and in the past week I've discovered AIR fitness/napping as well as attending my first spin class. I can explain the fitness to a certain extent, but I can only recommend you watch this video to see what the AIR nap is about.

One of the AIR fitness classes is called "AIR BARRE". Air meaning that there is a silk hammock involved and BARRE referring to something similarly used as ballet dancers would utilize during a dance class. I attended with a girl friend of mine and our trainer Brittany was the bomb! (Feel free to get her contact info if you are interested in personal training or have questions about the fitness classes.)

Our first class was free, which is what motivated me. The staff is definitely what has kept me coming back for more. Kerri at the front desk has bent over backward to help. All staff was super friendly.

The Duke Energy building validates your parking and a neat addition are cooking classes from chefs and local restaurants in Charlotte.

The classes are a little steep. ($20/class) Going once or twice a month is definitely worth doing something for myself.

I'm finishing up my last 2 days of my free unlimited week. I am already anticipating the next time I will go. It would be an awesome outing rather than getting drinks at the bar. What do you think?

I will be at Flex+Fit tonight at 5:40 for Air Barre Interval and tomorrow morning at 10:30 for Barre Strength. For descriptions and additional pricing check out their calendar.

Let me know if you're ever up for a little unconventional fitness.Image

Caitlin Sellers

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