The Best Way To Manage Your Marketing Process

July 21, 2015 By Caitlin Sellers

 Tackling steps through the inbound marketing process can be a little overwhelming. It is important to be familiar with its stages and to know the specific goals you want to achieve.

What is the Marketing Process?

For the purposes of this blog, let's just focus on the steps involved in the Inbound Marketing process. The Inbound Methodology, as described by Hubspot, has four stages.



This stage brings strangers to your website and turns them into visitors through posting blogs, using strategic keywords, and posting regularly to social media.


The convert stage is about getting your visitors to fill out forms or contact you. This is considered receiving a lead. By offering forms, calls-to-action, and landing pages in exchange for contact information, you engage them on a regular basis to figure out what is important to them and what problems you can help solve.


This is where leads turn into customers through email marketing tactics and using software to find what people are clicking on and looking at.


Once leads are customers, make them excited enough about your brand to promote you and your services. The goal is to get your network to introduce their network to you and your brand. The best ways to do this include:

  • Inviting customers/leads to events,
  • Engaging them through social media
  • Posting smart content

How can I be Successful Throughout the Marketing Process?

The key to being successful throughout the entirety of any marketing process is by setting SMART goals for yourself. Using a smart goals template to identify exactly what to achieve. Keep your visions specific, measurable, attainable, results-driven. Time-bound [SMART] will help you to stay organized and ensure you complete what you set out to accomplish.


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