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Charlotte Challenges Women to #Ask4More

April 23, 2015|

Life, Local, Professional

| 02:46 PM

Local Levo Charlotte facilitated a successful #Ask4More Campaign in 2015. "Levo arms you with tools to develop your talent, build connections with peers, mentors, oppurtunities, and stay inspired day in and day out as we grow and develop. We believe you can create a life you’re passionate about." Learn more about Levo here.

Careers Are Put In Drive With #UberMENTOR

March 31, 2015|

Life, Local, Professional

| 01:39 PM

How to Communicate so that People Listen

March 10, 2015|

Local, Professional

| 02:30 PM

Colleen Cassel, an Executive and Career Coach for individuals and organizations who want to accelerate growth solutions in business and life delivered a riveting presentation to a group of career-minded women in Charlotte with a simple message: how to communicate with people so they will listen.