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2016 Reflections 💃 + LUNGe 5K support 💪

May 08, 2017|


| 03:31 PM

Looking back

Looking back on 2016 I have mixed feelings on how the year went. It is hard to say whether it was good or bad because it felt like an upside down roller coaster with lots of twists and turns sometimes ending up in a black tunnel, other times ending up with butterflies in my stomach screaming with excitement.

Grow Your Brand Using Digital Marketing Workshop Hitting the Southeast in 2017

Who are you? What space do you occupy? What do you stand for?

What Elon Musk, Lady Gaga and Louis CK have in common: All 3 are UX Designers

February 13, 2017|

Marketing, Professional, Technology, Education

| 04:12 PM

Does the name of a thing affect what it is or does?

Who knows? What I would argue is this:

  • Someone’s official job title should never be used for judgement, only for trust
  • A single person can hold several jobs; not all at once, as multitasking is a myth, but within a shorter span of time than is often socially accepted (i.e. “wearing three hats” in one day)

What I would wager you see when you hear their names