AHHH! I'm Official :)

December 20, 2012 By Caitlin Sellers

AHHH! I'm Official :)

Had some pictures taken for KD Marketing a few weeks ago.

Please like us on Facebook...it would make my heart smile.

I will keep you posted on my bio and pic make it on the website (www.kdmarketingnc.com) , check it out if you're curious what I'm getting into these days.

Happy Thursday!

P.S. Please pray I get over the flu by Christmas, I'm going on 4 days now...


Caitlin Sellers

Business growth is Caitlinโ€™s focus, people is her passion and digital marketing is her niche. She enjoys advising professionals and businesses about digital marketing and providing inbound marketing strategy and services. Additionally, Caitlin's the energetic community organizer for Local Levo Charlotte in which she provide s the opportunity to elevate women's careers.