Forgive me May, I fell off my blog

June 13, 2013 By Caitlin Sellers

I intended on Blogging prior to heading to San Fran the 2nd week in May but it just didn't happen. David and I have been attending weddings weekend after weekend since the end of April for our dear friends. From April 27 til the end of Septemeber we are attending 10 weddings. Unbelievable! A lot of loved ones in our lives that's for sure.


Congrats to Allie & John, Matt & Katie, Jennifer & Jon and Rimes & Jon on their recent nuptials. We are headed to Greensboro this weekend for Scott & Rachael's wedding.

In between weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties and painting and preparing our new house... we are finally starting to get settled.

Wedding Season Broke

Speaking of weddings, I know those suckers are expensive for the couple but for the guests and especially the wedding party...after you have a couple of those your bank account starts to notice.

Simple Gift Solutions

If you know you are attending a ton of weddings/baby showers, plan in advance.

1. Decide on a budget

2. Stick to the budget

3. Don't wait until the last minute

4. Think outside of the box

I ended up looking at everyone's registry to get a feel for their colors and style... Then I ordered large nesting bowls in differenct glazes from The Fragrant Mushroom for a great price!


Shop smarter, not harder!


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