Love and Reflection

February 01, 2013 By Caitlin Sellers

February seems to be a different kind of month for everyone. For most, when they think of February they think of Valentines Day. Now, whether you're thinking about how single you are or how in love you are, these could be many different scenarios.

As a restaurant employee, you're excited for the slow times to dwindle down and thinking about the dollar signs $$. As a business professional you might be thinking about how your new strategic business plan is, where you can gain more clients, or how grateful you are for the clients you have gained (Here is a great article about ways to make your customers love you).

Whatever your February love is, I challenge you to reflect about all of the things you love and are grateful for. Why should Thanksgiving be the only time we do this? Sometimes it is OK to think about the little things.ImagePhoto Credit

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Caitlin Sellers

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