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August 03, 2014 By Caitlin Sellers

Navigating office relationships can feel like a real life game of Minesweeper. There are amazing benefits to working with multiple people to get a job done. Brainstorming, team-building, etc. But today, I'm not talking about that. Sometimes work is not fun and the people you work with can be a real drag. Here are five ways to keep cool in the midst of office politics. Elevator

I'm using some tips from the business experts at MindTools. It's a great resource for growing your career.

1. Know The Leaders:  Every workplace, company and co-op has a hierarchy. Look around your office to see who's in charge. Who's respected and who's most likely on the chopping block. Ducking out of office-politics altogether can hurt your career growth in the future. It's all about navigating your way.


2. Be Positive: You know how some co-workers just walk in with a big storm cloud over their head? Yeah, it's not fun and it doesn't help anyone. Avoid whining and complaining for two reasons: A. It's just a bummer.  B. You never know who's listening.


3. Communication: It's amazing what face-to-face conversation can do. If you've become an instigator or victim in a passive-aggressive email chain - cut it out. Decide to have a conversation in a professional and level-headed setting.

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4. The Gossip Stops Here: Passing along the juiciest nugget you've heard all week can be tempting, but think about your colleagues! Unless a rumor is circulating that could endanger someone, chances are repeating gossip won't be good for anybody. Grow up and DO NOT GET SUCKED INTO ARGUMENTS.

Caitlin Sellers

5. You, Do You!: Guess what, the only behavior you can control is your own. Unless you are in management, you do not need to stress about other employees' negative vibes. Everyone has bad days. It's important to focus on the positive to be as productive and passionate about your work as you can.

Caitlin Sellers

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Caitlin Sellers

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