Successful people create half year #resolutions | Here’s how

August 10, 2014 By Caitlin Sellers

Most people take time at New Year’s to reflect on the past year and set goals for the upcoming year. What did I do well this past year? What do I wish I had accomplished? What should I focus on for the upcoming year?

Yet, this once-a-year mindset lacks accountability. How many people abandon those New Year’s resolutions by February?

Half-year resolutions

I am challenging myself and you to create half year resolutions. Here's what needs to go down: evaluate the last six months of your life. Set personal and professional goals until the end of the year. Challenge yourself to set goals around each component of wellness.

My half year resolutions break down into six categories: intellectual, physical, spiritual, financial, community, outreach, and social. The life goals center on making my life well rounded and focusing on my top priorities.


Caitlin Sellers | Half Year Resolutions

My top priority is to get my new personal and business website launched. Stay tuned.

Sunday, every week before the new week starts, I should have less than 50 unread emails in my inbox. Thank you Carson Tate!

My goal was to attend at least one networking event a month. I have met that goal every month this year. Moving forward, I am making a new goal to shoot for at least one networking event per week. Also, get together with someone new each week.

I'm also focusing on my blog. I appreciate those who diligently support me. I'm aiming to post original content once a week. Hold me accountable guys. Of course, let me know what you want to hear more of.

I am working hard to successfully complete a Digital Marketing workshop with Mouse & Man and JB Media at Discovery Place's Education Studio . It's in the works! Check this link out for more information.

In the foreseeable future I also want to be a public speaker at a large event for either something women or marketing focused. In order to do that, I need to study events I would be interested in attending and people I am inspired by with their messaging. Any ideas, let me know.



exercise more

I've set a weekly goal of 70k steps. I wanted to be active at least 3 days a week. Active meaning more than just walking my dog, running errands, and doing house work. My goal is 10k steps a day, but that does not always happen, so making it up other days of the week help. My trusty Fitbit helps.


candles spiritual

I've committed to focus more energy on meditation and yoga. I need to schedule a minimum of 15 minutes daily to just think: focus on deep breathing, reflect, and unplug from email and work calls. Just meditate. During this time, my space is technology-free and my phone is in airplane mode.



Caitlin Sellers: Half-year Resolutions

I'm finding ways to better manage my debt. Continue to pay off college loans and credit card debt.

Eat out less. Plan my meals each week. Use coupons. Two lunch meals and two dinner meals can be out during the week. #cheatmeals. The weekend is another beast.




Volunteer at a non-profit organization. Perhaps, boys and girls club, the soup kitchen, or battered women's shelter. I love serving my hometown of Charlotte. Any opportunities I can help with, if I can- I will.



Intentionally plan more excuses to get out of the city and free myself from the day-to-day. Wait, I don't need any excuse for that.

Plan a trip for 2015. I want to go somewhere tropical.

Write a guest blog post for someone local and have folks guest blog for me.

Land a featured profile for all of my unique accomplishments: Mouse and Man, Local Levo Charlotte, MSCEI website, upcoming launch with Delta Innovation Foundation, and my website.

Here's to being accountable.

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