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August 17, 2014 By Caitlin Sellers

What's the one thing you can't leave home without? Well, probably a few things. The most important item for your brand or company's growth is that good old 16th century networking tool - the calling card AKA the Business Card.


Caitlin Sellers | Boss Lady Business Cards
When everyone's passing around cards and you grabbed the wrong clutch.

The business card is the one thing that sticks around after you've been introduced. Made your pitch and walked away. A good card tells the reader who you are and where they can find you through content and aesthetics.

I've seen businesses focus huge amounts of energy on their online brand, and then put little or no effort into a card.


Caitlin Sellers | Boss Lady Business Cards "Is this Comic Sans?"


Choose A Style - Decide whether you want to go minimalism or experiment with color. Don't forget about the color palette on your website and social media platforms. A business card should echo your pre-existing brand.

Caitlin Sellers | Boss Lady Business Cards

Creative, Not Crazy - Make sure the artwork and aesthetic makes sense with your business or personal brand. For instance, an organic farmer could get something printed on a seed packet. Remember, a business card that doubles as a ninja throwing star is only cool if you're an industry leader in the Dark Arts.

Caitlin Sellers |CS | Boss Lady Business Cards

Thick Does The Trick - Ever been excited to get handed a homemade business card made on someone's desktop computer. Yeah, me neither. A thicker, heavier paper will be more likely to end up in someone's pocket. It looks like you put more thought into it. It just feels better to hand over to someone. Holograms don't hurt either.

Caitlin Sellers | Boss Lady Business Cards

What Makes The Cut - There are plenty of things that need to be on your card. Some stuff doesn't make the cut. I always recommend putting your LinkedIn profile on the card but not worrying about other platforms. Also, if you're working from a home office think twice about listing it. For safety reasons and customer confusion.

Caitlin Sellers | Business Card Tips

Remember the golden rule - Promote Thyself! Include links to your website as well as social media platforms you consistently post to. If you are unsure or you don't want folks outside of your friend circle following you, LinkedIn is a professional go-to. Just for good measure here's a look at my card.

Caitlin Sellers Business Card

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