5 Areas to Show Gratitude in Your Work Life

November 20, 2014 By Caitlin Sellers

5 areas to show gratitude in your professional life

Wouldn't you agree that the majority of our lives are spent at work with coworkers? As a career-minded woman, I fill my life with ways to grow myself personally and professionally.

Many of these opportunities consist of networking events. Days full of meetings, plenty of tea, and a lot of time with professionals of all ages -- brainstorming new ideas, testing them and discovering how to implement them.

Some people view work as just an economic exchange: I do work for you, you pay me. That’s the way the world works, right? This way of thinking monetizes workplace relationships (i.e., the paycheck from your employer is your “thanks” for all your hard work).

I’m here to tell you an alternative way of viewing work relationships. I'm here to espouse the value of cultivating gratitude in your professional life (for your career) and in your day-to-day workplace.

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If you let people know how grateful you are for them, it encourages the recipients to work hard. It creates a more enjoyable workplace environment for everyone.

Positivity comes back around; you know, the karma thing. I’m a boss, but I also feel that, on a personal level, I can be real with the people I work with. We can have an open and transparent dialogue. I am grateful for people who can be real.


People become more loyal when they feel appreciated. You can’t buy loyalty; you must earn it through trust and credibility.

Be sincere in your thanks to others. Treat people the way you want to be treated. People are loyal to those who they feel they can learn and grow from.

When you have a relationship where constructive criticism is respectfully given and appreciated, it creates a sense of respect and loyalty. They trust you will give them your true feelings in a respectful and professional manner.


Peers and upper management in your workplace can have a positive influence on you and can help alleviate the "daily grind." These people can become your mentors.

Mentors are the people you turn to with tough questions, the people who can coach you through uncharted situations, and who advocate for you in the professional world. Instead of always focusing on work, strive to dedicate time to focus on developing these relationships.


Make sure you recognize your supporters at home. Your supporters can help you reach full potential and your best self. When you are positive about the good things going on in your personal life, you are less likely to be distracted.

Shredding negativity will give you the ability to concentrate on work tasks.If you are grateful and focused on the good, it will translate into a positive attitude in the workplace.


experiences and failures

Own your story and grow from it. Every time you overcome difficulties, you come out stronger. Be thankful for your experiences and failures, both personal and professional. 

The bad shit that happens in your life makes you stronger and gives you the ability to bounce back. Every setback is a teachable moment.

I recommend changing your outlook on work and realize gratitude is a small adjustment you can make to vastly improve life.

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